***Second Half Payments ***
2nd half payments this year are not due until the week before your camp week starts. We will send out payment reminders and Welcome Packs containing any new information the week before your camp week(s) start.To avoid confusion with 1st half payments, if possible, we appreciate waiting to make 2nd half payments until receiving our reminder e-mail and Welcome Pack the week before camp.  

Beach Camp 2019 Sleepover Summer Camp Registration


Beach Camp 2019 residential camp starts on Sunday July 7th and consists of 8 separate Sunday to Saturday week long sessions. 

Week 1 - July 7 - 13

Week 2 - July 14 - 20

Week 3 - July 21 - 27

Week 4 - July 28 - Aug 3

Week 5 - August 4 - Aug 10

Week 6 - August 11 - Aug 17

Week 7 - August 18 - Aug 24

Week 8 - August 25 - August 31

Students are divided into 4 age groups for activity and cabin/cabana assignments based on their grade in school at registration.

***New for 2019 - Use Grade in School Now ***

Grade groups have not changed but to hopefully eliminate once and for all this continuing source of confusion we are now going by kids' school grade now at time of registration (not where they will be in the fall after camp). 

Minnow - grades 2 - 3

Seal - grades 4 - 5

Dolphin - grades 6 - 7

Orca - grades 8 - 9

Beach Camp Residential Program:

The Beach Camp overnight program offers an unsurpassed opportunity for fun, learning, and personal growth. Our close to the city location creates the perfect opportunity for younger kids to ease into the sleepaway camp experience, and our marine science partnership with the Save Our Shorelines nonprofit presents a great opportunity for older teens to boost their service learning resume. Please see the "Summer Beach Camp" tab for a full description of the activities and program for each age group. 

How to Register for Beach Camp:

Step 1 - Check the "Closed Weeks" section on this page to make sure the week is still open for your grade group.

Step 2 - Scroll down to the payment section below. Your Beach Camp spot is secured by making 1/2 payment via credit card for an open week spot by clicking on the appropriate "Buy Button" and drop down menu below for your desired camp week, gender, and grade group (grade 2-3 Minnows, grade 4-5 Seals, grade 6-7 Dolphins, grade 8-9 Orcas).

Step 3 - After making your payment, fill out and submit the online registration form here: 

If you can't complete the registration form right now that's ok, you spot is secure with your 1/2 credit card payment, but please don't forget to come back and fill out the registration form as soon as possible. 

You will receive an acknowledgement email after we have received both your payment and online registration form.

***Please Note - The Grade Groups are the same as they have always been but to eliminate a continuing source of confusion we are now going by current grade in school at time of registration not the grade they are going into in the fall after camp - so the grades listed below are all a year less than in prior years*** 

Give the gift of Beach  Camp

2019 Closed Weeks
The following age groups are full for the listed weeks - please choose a different week:

-Week 1 Boys Minnow (full)

-Week 1 Boys Seal (full)

-Week 1 Boys Orca (full)

-Week 1 Girls Seal (full)​

-Week 1 Girls Dolphin (full)

-Week 1 Girls Orca (full)

-Week 2 Boys Minnow (full)

-Week 2 Boys Seal (full)

-Week 2 Boys Dolphin (full)

​-Week 2 Girls Minnow (full)

-Week 2 Girls Seal (full)

-Week 2 Girls Dolphin (full)

-Week 2 Girls Orca (full)


-Week 3 Boys Minnow (full)​​

-Week 3 Boys Seal (full)

-Week 3 Boys Dolphin (full)

-Week 3 Girls Minnow (full)

-Week 3 Girls Seal (full)

-Week 3 Girls Dolphin (full)


-Week 4 Boys Minnow (full)​​

​-Week 4 Boys Seal (full)

-Week 4 Boys Dolphin (full)

-Week 4 Boys Orca (full)

-Week 4 Girls Minnow (full)

​-Week 4 Girls Seal (full)

​-Week 4 Girls Dolphin (full)

-Week 5 Boys Minnow (full)​​

​-Week 5 Boys Seal (full)

-Week 5 Boys Dolphin (full)

-Week 5 Boys Orca (full)

-Week 5 Girls Seal (full)

-Week 5 Girls Dolphin (full)

-Week 5 Girls Orca (full)

-Week 6 Boys Minnow (full)​​

​-Week 6 Boys Seal (full)

-Week 6 Boys Dolphin (full)

-Week 6 Girls Seal (full)

-Week 6 Girls Dolphin (full)

-Week 6 Girls Orca (full)


-Week 7 Boys Minnow (full)

​-Week 7 Boys Seal (full)

-Week 7 Boys Dolphin (full)

-Week 7 Boys Orca (full)

-Week 7 Girls Seal (full)

-Week 7 Girls Dolphin (full)

-Week 7 Girls Orca (full)

-Week 8 Boys Minnow (full)

-Week 8 Boys Seal (full)

-Week 8 Boys Dolphin (full)

-Week 8 Boys Orca (full)

-Week 8 Girls Minnow (full)

-Week 8 Girls Seal (full)

-Week 8 Girls Dolphin (full)

-Week 8 Girls Orca (full)

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