2021 Registration is Open!



Day Camp 

Day Camp registration for Minnows (current grades 2-3) and Seals (current grades 4-5) is open through the City of Edmonds Reczone portal here:


Summer Law+ for High School Students

M-F Summer Law+ runs from Week 3 through Week 8 of Beach Camp and is open to enrolled high school students in grades 10-12 at time of registration. Registration and Payment are made thought the links below. Please click the Summer Law+ tab above for additional information.

Overnight Beach Camp

Beach Camp 2021 Residential Camp starts on Sunday July 11th and consists of 8 separate Sunday to Saturday week long sessions. Your place is secured by making 1/2 payment via credit card in the Payment section below and submitting your on-line registration form. 
Week 1 - July 11 - 17

Week 2 - July 18 - 24

Week 3 - July 25 - 31

Week 4 - Aug 1 - Aug 7

Week 5 - August 8 - Aug 14

Week 6 - August 15 - Aug 21

Week 7 - August 22 - Aug 28

Week 8 - August 29 - Sept 4

Beach Camp Cabin Groups

Cabin groups are based on grade in school now at time of registration (not age). The 4 Beach Camp grade groups are: 

Minnow - grade now 2 - 3 (**Weeks 1 and 2 only**)

Seal - grade now 4 - 5

Dolphin - grade now 6 - 7

Orca - grade now 8 - 9

To Pay and Register:


***Most Cabin Groups are now Full*** Check the Closed Weeks Box on this Page and Please Do Not Register for a Week Listed as Full. 

Step 1 - Check the "Closed Weeks" section on this page to make sure the Week you want for the Program you want is still open for your grade group.

Step 2 - Scroll down to the payment section below. Click the appropriate "Buy Button" from the drop down menu for your Week, Gender, and Grade group. You do not need to have a PayPal account, just select the grey colored Credit Card payment button on the Paypal web portal.


You will receive a confirmation email back from Paypal. 

This email is your receipt. It confirms we have received your payment for the Beach Camp spot listed in the email "payment details". 

**Please help us most readily connect your Payment to your Registration Form by paying with the same Name and Email you use as the Registration Form primary contact** 


Step 3 - After making your payment, please submit the online registration form here: 



Please do not submit a Registration form before making Payment. A Registration form without payment does NOT secure your spot. 

As your Camp Week approaches, you will receive a Welcome Pack Email  with everything you need to know for your week at camp.

For those using using the 1/2 pay option, second half payment reminders will go out in June.

Give the gift of Beach  Camp

2021 Closed Weeks
The following weeks are closed for the listed groups, please pick a different week:
Week 1 - Girl Dolphin (Full)
Week 1 - Boy Minnow  (Full)
Week 1 - Boy Seal (Full)
Week 1 - Boy Dolphin (Full)
Week 2 - Girl Minnow  (Full)
Week 2 - Girl Seal  (Full)
Week 2 - Girl Dolphin (Full)
Week 2 - Boy Minnow (Full)
Week 2 - Boy Seal (Full)
Week 2 - Boy Dolphin (Full)
Week 3 - Girl Seal (Full)
Week 3 - Girl Dolphin (Full)
Week 3 - Girl Orca (Full)
Week 3 - Boy Seal (Full)
Week 4 - Girl Seal  (Full)
Week 4 - Girl Dolphin  (Full)
Week 4 - Girl Orca (Full)
Week 4 - Boy Seal (Full)
Week 4 - Boy Dolphin (Full)
Week 5 - Girl Seal (Full)
Week 5 - Girl Dolphin (Full)
Week 5 - Girl Orca (Full)
Week 5 - Boy Seal (Full)
Week 5 - Boy Dolphin (Full)
Week 5 - Boy Orca (Full)
Week 6 - All Week 6 Groups (Full)
Week 7 - Girl Seal (Full)
Week 7 - Girl Dolphin (Full)
Week 7 - Boy Seal (Full)
Week 7 - Boy Dolphin (Full)
Week 7 - Boy Orca (Full)