Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is it, some of the activities look really scary?

Beach Camp’s unique location allows Beach Camp challenge activities to be placed over the water thus providing a safe and forgiving landing zone. In addition, Beach Camp provides buoyant neoprene wetsuits and booties and bright colored rashguards for all overnight campers which eliminates much of the risks associated with group pool or lake based swim activities. Although in the short run, a safer week could no doubt be spent playing video games or at coder camp, in the long run, a week spent at Beach Camp overcoming challenges and perceived risks, learning water and boating safety and self-reliance, and developing an appreciation and respect for the environment and the inherent risks in outdoor adventures, will pay safety dividends lasting a lifetime. Parents can also take comfort in another unique aspect of Beach Camp which is we have a full panoply of dry land activities so there is never any pressure to do anything on the water if the conditions are not optimal for the activity in question. Also, unlike most summer camp and outdoor adventure programs, we are only minutes from the entire range of medical resources Seattle has to offer.

Does my child have to be able to swim?

Yes, but they need not be strong or accomplished swimmers. Wetsuits and lifejackets make it next to impossible to lose a swimmer at Beach Camp, and for kids who may not so far have exhibited a great interest in swimming, there is no more likely place than Beach Camp to instill a love for the water in your children. After a week at Beach Camp we hear time and time again about no further need to force or bribe your children to swim lessons or swim team.

Are there any Day Camp programs?

As a service to the local community, Beach Camp offers a subsidized Day Camp program through the City of Edmonds Parks and Recreation Department. Day Camp is available for Minnow (Grades 2-3) and Seal (Grades 4-5) only. Day Camp is an introductory program with separate Day Camp groups. For additional information call the City of Edmonds at 425-771-0230.

Where do the kids stay?

Beach Camp kids stay in modern cabins and cabanas that accommodate retreat groups and Beach Camp staff in the off season. All have indoor plumbing and normal clean respectable bathrooms, so no traipsing around camp in the middle of the night for bathroom breaks.

Is there a lot of Mosquitoes there, last time my kids went to a sleepover camp they got lots of Mosquito bites?

No, we're on saltwater not a lake where Mosquitoes live! Your kids won't even need bug repellent unless they are unusually sensitive to any kind of bug bite.

Is there anything expensive we need to buy before camp?

No, we supply wetsuits and booties and colored rashguards for the week for all campers, so all your camper needs to bring is normal going away from home items which will be listed in your welcome pack email.  

What if my child wants to be in the same cabin group as a friend?

Beach Camp has one boys and girls cabin for each of the 4 school grade groups (Minnow 2-3, Seal 4-5, Dolphin 6-7, Orca 8-9), so as long as your child and their friend are in the same group (Minnow, Seal, Dolphin, or Orca) they will be in the same cabin group. 

What is the ratio of counselors to campers?

Each cabin group of 8 to 12 kids has two counselor-educators and one CIT.

Can Beach Camp accommodate special diet requests?

Yes, we provide both vegetarian and gluten free meal options.

What time is pickup and Drop off?

Sleepover camp:  Drop off is at 3pm on Sundays,  and pickup is at 11 am on the following Saturday.

What if my child gets homesick?

For kids and parents thinking about a sleepaway camp for the first time but unsure if their child is completely ready, there is no better place than Beach Camp to ease kids into the sleepaway camp experience. Since most kids have a sense for the remoteness of their location, we see a lot less homesickness at Beach Camp than one would expect at a typical sleep away camp. Also, with our close in location it is very easy to attend a Beach Camp open house or come by for a tour in the off season, which goes a long ways toward settling kids' minds about the unknowns of summer camp. With all these things going in your favor at Beach Camp, any pangs of homesickness almost always pass quickly.   

Is there a camp store for snacks etc.?

Yes, and you can charge up your camper's camp store credit account at check-in.

How to be a CIT?

Applications are sent out in the Spring to Orcas from last season who expressed interest in the CIT program. CITs are chosen based on space available and prior experience and performance. There are 3 CIT levels, CIT 1 (camp tuition continues to apply), CIT 2 (CITs attend camp free of charge), and CIT 3 (CITs earn a stipend). New Beach Camp Orcas for Summer 2019 who demonstrate special ability and maturity may also be eligible for promotion to CIT on subsequent weeks based on their interest and  input from Beach Camp staff.

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