Getting Ready For Beach Camp!  


Beach Camp builds confidence and self esteem through activities designed to impart important life skills, while developing problem solving and teamwork social skills. The emotional growth and confidence that comes from a week at Beach Camp has positive impacts and memories to last a lifetime. 


Beach Camp students and parents are greeted upon arrival in the Beach Camp parking lot on Sunday between 3:00-4:00 PM and Saturday pick-up time is at 11:00 AM. Students are signed in, registration forms checked, and any special medical information is verified with the parent. Campers meet their cabin counselors who escort them to their bunkhouses to drop off their gear. Parents can tour the Wharf with their campers until time for final goodbyes and hand off to their cabin counselors in their designated cabin or cabana. If your camper brings a cell phone to camp, they will need to check it in with our team for the week.  
Our kids believe we have the best camp food on the planet. Our kids are active all day long and need plenty of nourishment. Parents rest assured we have well balanced meals and can cater to the fussiest eaters. Vegetarian and Gluten free options are available and we are sensitive to kids needs, special diets, and the pickiest of eaters.  

Nut Free Zone 
Please help us to do our best to keep Beach Camp a nut free zone by carefully monitoring any food or snacks sent with your child to make sure they are nut free.  
Beach Camp supplies wetsuits and booties for the week for all campers. Regarding wetsuit comfort, some kids are more susceptible to chafing than others. If chafing has been an issue for your child, send them to camp with a tight fitting under armor type tee shirt and “jammer” shorts also known as compression shorts many kids wear for other sports, lycra pants or lycra yoga pants, or nylons or tights that covers the back of their knees. Wearing rash guards or under armor like this under your wetsuit is like wearing a t-shirt under your sweatshirt, it keeps you warmer and prevents chafing. The jammer or compression shorts, lycra or yoga pants, or nylons or tights makes wetsuits a lot easier to get into, reduces bunching and chafing, and also keeps them in Beach Camp style by being able to wear their board shorts over the top of their wetsuit rather than the other way around.  
Fishing and Crabbing 
Most Beach Camp weeks include clinics on fishing and crabbing and  resource management. Kids do not need to bring fishing gear or fishing licenses to participate in this instruction. There is plenty to do at Beach Camp without fishing, but if your child is an experienced fisherperson and would like an opportunity as time permits to fish off the pier for regulated species please make sure your child comes with a saltwater fishing license and catch card. Kids under 15 still need a license, but it is free, and can be obtained from Fred Meyer, Big Five or other sport stores.  
What to Bring:  
• Daypack or Backpack 
• Refillable Water Bottle 

• Headlamp or small flashlight    
• Sunscreen  
• Towel  
• Swimsuit (Guys lycra jammers or compression shorts work great under wetsuits)  
• T-shirt or sun shirt (lycra shirt)  
• Flip flops or Beach Walking Shoes 
• Running shoes or closed toed sport shoes for our sport court and other excursions 
• Fleece jacket  
• Sunglasses  
• Baseball hat/hat with visor  
• Sleeping bag/pillow/sleeping pad 
• Extra changes of clothes  
• Pajamas/bathrobe  
• Toothbrush, soap, shampoo (please no wet wipes – they clog our plumbing) 
• Beach and campfire friendly musical instrument if you have a favorite

• Disposable Waterproof Camera (optional) 

What not to Bring:  
• Anything expensive  

• Cell phones 
• Non disposable cameras

• Sports/athletic gear

• Fishing poles

• Electronic games    
• Food, Candy, Gum
• Cash (camp store purchases go to your child's store account) 


Packing Tips 
Packing for camp is the start of your child’s independent camp experience. Please have your child participate in packing for camp so that he/she knows what items are being brought and where to find them. Campers who don’t participate in packing often don’t know what they have or where to find them and are much more likely to lose things at camp?

Lost and Found 

Other than for prescription glasses, we are not able to maintain a lost and found for things left at camp at the end of each week. Cabins are searched prior to Sunday pickup and we do our best to match kids with unclaimed clothes and shoes before parent arrival. Anything else will be in a bin or pile at the cabin entrance. Anything not claimed at pickup which generally consists of a mixed pile of wet and sandy clothes, single flip flops and water shoes is disposed of prior to the start of the next camp week.  

In-Week Photos 
Beach Camp maintains a photo upload site where each day’s photos from camp are uploaded and stored. You will be provided the login information at check-in. We try to include group photos with every child in each day’s upload, but this is much easy said than done, as many children go out of their way to avoid the online spotlight.  Please don’t think there is anything the least bit amiss if your child seeks to avoid the day’s photos.


Camp Store 
Credit is added to your child’s camp store account online at the website registration tab. The camp store sells snacks, T-Shirts and various comfort items and Beach Camp souvenirs. $25-$50 is usually good for the week. Any balance left on a camper’s account is donated to Save Our Shorelines for enhancing marine science educational experience for Beach Campers and others.

When Would We Contact a Parent? 
A big part of Beach Camp is giving each child the opportunity to develop the increased self-reliance and self-confidence which comes from making their own decisions and working through the normal yin and yang of camp life. As such we rarely call parents during the camp week except in cases such as an important missing item like prescription glasses or medicine, unrepentant violation of camp standards, intractable home sickness preventing the child from meaningfully participating, or of course injury which in the judgment of Beach Camp staff requires the attention of a physician.

Allergies at Camp

We have been able to successfully accommodate campers who have a wide range of allergies. We of course ask that parents provide this information on their registration form, and in cases of dietary restrictions or severe and/or extensive allergies, we ask that they bring it up again at check-in so that we can make sure we are adequately prepared to accommodate your Beach Camper’s needs. If your child’s allergic reaction could require an Epi-Pen, your child is responsible for keeping their Epi-Pen with them during camp and must bring a belly pack or other means of doing so. We ask that parents send two Epi-Pens to camp so that we have an extra one hand in case of loss.

Beach Camp Camper Standards 

Beach Campers are expected to treat other campers and staff with respect at all times, and value each camper’s right to have a fun experience. Bullying or harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited, as well as swearing and discussion of inappropriate topics as determined by the Camp Directors. Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs is of course strictly prohibited and would result in immediate dismissal from camp. All prescription and over the counter medications must be given to camp staff for storage and administration from locked medicine cabinets per Beach Camp health and wellness policies. Other prohibited conduct includes, physical touching of a sexual nature, unauthorized absence from cabins or activities, abusive or disrespectful behavior towards any member of the camp community, inappropriate appearance or attire, possession or use of personal electronic equipment. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us, and we are happy to give tours of the facility throughout the spring prior to camp.

More Information 

For more photos, videos and information to get ready for camp, please keep any eye on the Beach Camp website, and on Instagram at BeachCamp_SunsetBay and Facebook at Lots of new information and images will be updated on these sites as summer approaches, and we hope that you share them with friends and family.