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 Beach Camp Marine Mammal Academy CITs

Graduating Beach Camp MMA Orcas (10th grand now, entering grade 11 in the fall) with substantial Beach Camp experience and the requisite maturity and responsibility are eligible to apply for CIT status where they work alongside Beach Camp MMA  Counselor/Instructors to help plan and deliver the highest quality and safest Beach Camp MMA program possible.
CIT positions are unsurpassed starter jobs for introducing young people to the adult world of work within organizations, in addition to providing compelling authentic personal statement material that college admission officers are looking for which stands out among crowded fields of orchestrated activities.       

CITs receive 10 hours per week of volunteer credit and earn a $100/wk stipend, and are eligible for promotion to full $400/wk junior counsel pay when they turn 18.

First year CITs must commit to a minimum of 3 full overnight weeks over the 8 week camp season.
CIT interviews are held remotely using Zoom over a 2 month period from mid/late February to mid/late April.
Interested applicants please complete the CIT application here and we will get back to you during the the intereview season to schedule a time:


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