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There's Something for Every Parent at the Sunset Bay Wharf

In addition to 30+college undergrads, there are a variety of summer positions available for parents on a summer long or week by week basis. Parent helpers receive tuition credit of $1,025 for each week of M-F service.

Please read the role descriptions below and apply with this link:  


-If you know food, have had a restaurant job at some point in your life, and enjoy planning and preparing nutritious meals, we have a place for you in the Wharf food service operations. You'll be hustling for a couple hours each day, but have a lot of help and a lot of time between meals to kick back enjoy yourself or take care of your remote work job. Required commitment: Two 2 1/2 hour blocks each day M-F (or one 2 1/2 hour block spread over two M-F weeks), Choose Dinner appx 4pm to 6:30 pm, and/or Lunch appx 10:30 am - 1pm, and/or Breakfast 7:00am - 9:30am.

Parent Liaisons:

-If your kids have been here enough for you to know the Beach Camp system, and you enjoy talking with parents and counselor staff, we have rewarding positions available for parent liaisons. Your job is talking and texting with parents and counselor staff, relaying information back and forth between them including going out and finding people who need to be found, and helping keep things organized in the office. Required commitment: 4 hours per day (some remote possible) 2 week minimum commitment, prerequisites below.

     Physical – Ability to physically go out and visit campers and staff across our large beach/water/creek outdoor environment, which may require safely navigating slippery beach/creek rocks/logs/ramps/trails etc, and travel via human powered watercraft.

     Computer – Have laptop with MS Office apps and able to search and sort spreadsheets, move between wi-fi networks, pair bluetooth devices, and set up apps on your phone.

     Organizational/Time management – Instinctively rely on to-do lists and schedules, and have it as second nature that important things are done first.

     Career/Mental/Emotional – Experience with and/or cheerful acceptance of a middle management role where collaborative decision making is a require element and your input is considered, but organization policies, procedures and tradition take precedence and ultimate decision making authority lies elsewhere.


Environmental/Marine Science professionals/grad students/post docs

-If you love the water and love to teach, the educational component of the Beach Camp program, the Marine Mammal Academy (MMA), has opportunities for you which can work around your other work or research commitments, and includes normal parent helper benefits in addition to year around use of wharf facilities for other marine science projects you may be involved with.   

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