There's Something for Everyone ('s Parent) at the Sunset Bay Wharf

In addition to 30+college undergrads, there are a variety of summer positions available for parents on a week by week basis. Parents receive free tuition for their kid(s) for their week(s) of employment which if you do math makes them by far the most highly compensated people on the pier. 


-If you know food, have had a restaurant job at some point in your life, and enjoy planning and preparing nutritious meals, we have a place for you in the Wharf food service operations. You'll be hustling for a couple hours each day, but have a lot of help and a lot of time between meals to kick back enjoy yourself or take care of your remote work job.   

Parent Liaisons:

-If your kids have been here enough for you to know the Beach Camp system, and you'd enjoy talking with parents and counselor staff, we have rewarding positions available each week for parent liaisons. Your job is talking with parents, relaying information between parents and counselor staff, and helping keep things organized in the office. 


-Each week long Summer Law+ session has an attorney law advisor to work with our law student instructors. If you are reasonably fluent in one of the 6 L1 core subject areas and enjoy teaching law and working with young people, we have a rewarding position for you in one or more weeks of our Summer Law+ Program.



-There are always opportunities here for natural science Ph.Ds interested in community outreach or involving our undergrad summer staff in academic research. Our Beach Camp students and staff are eager to learn, and we can bring substantial resources to bear on labor intensive projects, as well as having office, lab, shop space, and high speed internet available on the pier. Anything to do with the environmental sciences is of course fair game, as are education and teaching related social science projects.