Summer Teaching Staff (Beach Camp MMA)

Beach Camp MMA provides teaching and leadership opportunities for college undergrads from around the county and the world. Our seasonal staff of 30+ college students obtain valuable leadership and teaching experience as well as participating in marine science research and monitoring projects.

What does it involve?

The Beach Camp MMA program consists of 2 training weeks plus 8 full week sessions where summer teaching assistant counselors are assigned to a new group of students each week. Like any manager within an organization, summer TAs instruct, lead, and motivate their group of young people to accomplish a wide variety of environmental and outdoor education tasks each week. Also like real world managers and teachers, this leadership must be accomplished through fun and encouragement. Summer educators work toward finding their leadership voice with the opportunity to learn and grow each week with new group of students. For those passionate about the environment and outdoor education, and doing something positive for the next generation, there is simply no more rewarding way to spend a summer.

I'm headed to grad school, what can the MMA do for me?

For seniors heading for grad school in Seattle, we have off season opportunities which include room and board accommodations in our modern waterfront apartments. The off season program makes it possible for grad students to pursue graduate studies while minimizing further debt, as well as building their resume with MMA research and monitoring projects.

I'm a graduating senior and still don't know what I want to do following graduation, are there MMA opportunities for me?

Graduating without immediate plans is common but stressful, and the MMA can help.


Our mission here is two-fold. To educate and empower our students with marine science outdoor education life skills. And, to educate and empower our Summer Staff and help them work their way into meaningful career and educational opportunities.

There is simply no better way of developing the type of soft skills necessary for success in your first real world “big” job than spending a summer here. It goes without saying that you can accomplish a lot more a lot quicker with a team or organization behind you than you can on your own. However, it’s a lot harder to work successfully within an organization because it requires special “soft skills” that take time and practice opportunities to develop.

​The three main soft skills necessary to get along and advance within an organization are “managing up” (dealing with your boss or bosses), “managing down” (dealing with your subordinates), and “managing across” (dealing with your peers in the organization).  All three take real world practice to develop. There’s no book that can do it for you, and there is no one single way to be. Everyone needs to find their own voice, and our Programs offer a unique opportunity for college students to practice these soft skills and develop the confidence to find their own unique leadership voice.​

How do I turn my summer here into a real world job or grad school opportunity?          

For those coming from around the country, the Sunset Bay Wharf is located only 20 minutes from downtown Seattle, one of the most vibrant employment centers in the nation. A summer in Seattle can provide important local knowledge and an opportunity to connect with young people from major Seattle based employers such as Amazon, Microsoft, REI, Boeing, Costco, Starbucks, the University of Washington, and many others.  

Although there is never anything easy about getting into a selective grad schools, or obtaining meaningful work and financial independence right out of an undergrad, we offer a well trod path and supportive environment for young people to relax, grow, learn, and achieve their dreams.

Summer Teaching Staff (Law School+)

Summer Law School+ provides a great opportunity for talented law students from around the county to hone their teaching and communications skills while keeping current in the core legal subject areas needed for the bar exam.  

You'll be an Associate Professor living and working with your group of 10 high school students and under the direction of a practicing attorney. You will be co-teaching with another summer law student AP with their own 10 student section. 

You will also have the opportunity to network with outside attorneys, judges and elected officials in arranging evening law speakers for your class.    

What kind of commitment does it involve?

Summer Law+ associate professors must serve a minimum of 2 consecutive weeks, and be committed to the Socratic method of teaching. You will be paired with another AP teaching the same subject in two 10 student classes which may be combined and at your discretion. 

Law classes run from 8 to noon with beach time after lunch and law speakers in the evenings. You and your students sleep in single gender law dorms and eat together in the Wharf picnic areas. You will be assigned one high school student TA of your choosing.


I'm a graduating L3 and still don't know what I want to do following graduation, are there opportunities for me here?

Summer Law + is a great place for anyone prioritizing studying for the bar exam this summer. In addition, those graduating without a lot of student debt may be interested in a live-work arrangement with our legal department in the fall where they can gain legal experience while pursuing worthwhile projects.   

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For more information about our Programs email:  

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