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Sunset Bay Wharf

The Most Fun on the Water this Side of Hawaii!

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Sunset Bay Watersports and Marine Science Beach Camp

Beach Camp is the most fun on the water this side of Hawaii. With our half acre wharf, miles of sandy beach, and every imaginable water sports activity, you'll kayak, paddleboard, wakeboard, sail, skim board, innertube, zipline and more, all while learning what makes the marine ecosystem tick. 


The Beach Camp program is tiered for all levels of experience and ability, and we supply wetsuits and a hot tub right out on the dock to keep everyone toasty warm in any weather.


Beach Camp 2017 starts Sunday July 2nd and runs for 8 weeks



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 Beach Camp Program Overview

      Beach Camp consists of 8 one week camp sessions starting on the Sunday before the Fourth of July and ending the last week in August. Campers are divided into 4 levels based on their grade in school in fall following camp. Minnows (3-4), Seals (5-6), Dolphin (7-8), Orca (9-10).

      In addition to being the most fun on the water this side of Hawaii, Beach Camp promotes self-confidence, teamwork, water safety, and knowledge and respect for the marine ecosystem through a wide variety of watersport activities which are gameified around each cabin group’s marine science project for the week. Projects include measuring water temperature, salinity, and PH, and performing censuses of aquatic and intertidal zone organisms.

      Beach Campers at the Orca, LIT, and CIT levels may receive service leaning credit for Beach Camp science projects through the Save our Shorelines non-profit which offices here at the Sunset Bay Wharf.

      Beach Camp’s signature activity area is the Ocean Fun Zone (OFZ) containing Beach Camp’s suite of unique and entirely over-water challenge features including a climbing wall, zipline, trapeze swing, tightrope, cliff jump, and our famous causeway connecting it all of floating blue watermats.   

Minnows (Grades 3 & 4)

      Beach Camp’s nurturing environment and family-oriented philosophy is ideal for allowing young Beach Campers to bond with camp friends and counselors and immerse themselves in the Beach Camp experience. Beach Camp Minnows receive close personal attention from 2 hand-picked cabin counselors who guide their group through the week’s activities. Minnow cabin counselors are selected for their experience working with younger children and stay with their same Minnow cabin group throughout the entire week. 

      Minnow counselors take the time to understand each child’s interests as well as anxieties in order to create the best possible conditions for increasing self reliance and confidence in a fun teamwork oriented environment. Every Beach Camp Minnow’s individuality is greeted with unconditional acceptance which is what makes Beach Camp a special place that keeps kids coming back year after year.

      Major activities outside the OFZ for Beach Camp Minnows include canoeing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, innertubing, fishing, beach combing and exploring the intertidal zone.


Seals (Grades 5 & 6)

      Seals are the golden age for Beach Camp. Old enough to handle a kayak paddle, but young enough for everything to feel new and exciting. Seals are challenged to build their water sports skills as well as teamwork and communications skills though a variety of enriching activities where campers learn to understand and assess risks as they accomplish new skills. Seals learn to exercise judgment as they take on new challenges and how to work collaboratively as a group. Each day revolves around fun, friends, and life skills setting the stage for a happy and healthy adolescence. 

      Major activities outside the OFZ for Beach Camp Seals include tandem sea kayaking, paddle boarding, skim boarding, and sailing.


Dolphins (Grades 7 & 8)

      Nothing compares to middle school at Beach Camp. Just as Dolphins start to crave independence and adventure, and seek to define themselves in relation to their peers, Beach Camp is there to provide endless challenges to be conquered, a supportive peer group, and extreme sports bragging rights to last a lifetime.  

      Dolphins have increased freedom to choose their activities, more flexible schedules, and increased autonomy within the various Beach Camp activities and over the Beach Camp property. Dolphins earn the privilege of a sea kayak trip to downtown Edmonds and counselor-free beach combing trips to gather specimens for the Beach Camp touch tank. Beach Camp Dolphins enjoy a fun filled week away from home, video games, and the pressures of social media, leaving them with wonderful memories and life skills to last a lifetime.  Beach Camp Dolphins come away as stronger, more resilient, and more thoughtful teens who are better equipped to navigate the challenges of middle school.

      Major activities outside the OFZ for Beach Camp Dolphins include sea kayaking in singles, wind surfing, sailing sans instructor, beach biking, and fly fishing



Orcas (Grades 9-10)

     Orcas are the highest and arguably most important grade level at Beach Camp. Orcas are looked up to as camp leaders and receive increased freedom and responsibility including a supervised overnight paddle trip to Whidbey Island and operation of the camp’s outboard powered rescue Zodiac between Meadowdale and Picnic Point parks. The increased confidence and self-reliance provided by Beach Camp is especially important for Orca teens who are (or soon to be) navigating the challenges of high school. Orca teens in need of service learning hours are eligible for service learning credit for time spent on Save Our Shorelines sponsored Beach Camp science projects.

      Major activities outside the OFZ for Beach Camp Orcas include overnight paddle trip to Whidbey Island, Zodiac w/outboard, solo sailing, windsurfing, wake surfing.



Leaders In Training (LIT) – Outdoor Leadership Course (Grades 11-12)

      Beach Camp’s Leaders in Training - Outdoor Leadership Course is a separate leadership and team building program for older teens that does not involve assisting with summer camp operations. LIT teens stay in their own camp site in the Beach Camp upland forest and participate in advanced outdoor education and leadership development exercises. The LIT program focuses on developing the 6 Life Skills most essential for teens’ transition into adulthood: Leadership, Independence, Communications Skills, Resilience, Confidence during adversity, and Responsibility. LITs develop these skills though various challenge activities during camping, paddling and hiking excursions. LITs learn to build and cook over a camp fire, navigate via compass, and use ropes and knots to overcome obstacles and travel safely in rough terrain and marine environments.  Interested LITs who demonstrate sufficient maturity and watersports aptitude may be eligible for transfer into the CIT program in subsequent weeks which involves assisting Beach Camp counselors in planning and operating the Beach Camp program. See the "Junior Instructors" tab for information about the CIT program.